Aaloo Ki Tikkiyan – Spicy Potato Cutlets

When I think aaloo ki tikkiyan, I think of the classical Pakistani food I grew up eating. I think of the daal and chawal my mother made that I loved. I remember sneaking the flavoursome, tender cutlets from trays in front of guests when I thought no one was looking. I knew I would get some after, but I couldRead more

Pakistani Karahi Keema

This is one of my husband’s favourite dishes. Well, to be more specific, this is his favourite Pakistani recipe of mine. And to be quite fair, I do agree with him. If I had to make a list of my favourite Pakistani foods, Karahi Keema made with mutton or lamb meat would be in my top 5. Literally,Read more

Pomegranate, Mint & Spinach Salad – Simple, Easy and Healthy

Are you a salad person? I never used to be. To be quite honest, I hated salads. I never quite understood them. I used to think…What is the point of salads? I mean, they’re not filling. They’re not even tasty. They’re just a crisp and cold side to the main meal (usually carbs-galore, I may add).Read more

Minced Fish Curry/Fish Keema

Hello! This is my recipe for minced fish curry. Usually, us Pakistanis eat chicken, lamb or beef in the form of mince, but I love this spin on it. All my family were pretty surprised/confused/freaked out by this one! But they all loved it so much and now this is a favourite in my house.Read more