Malai Chicken Karahi – Creamy Stir-fried Chicken Curry

Name me one thing that doesn’t taste better with a few dollops of cream, a knob or so of butter, a splash of milk, lashings of ghee.   I’ll bet you’re having a hard time thinking up something.   It’s a truth of the culinary world that these things all enhance the eating experience of manyRead more

Sweet and Sour ‘Chilli’ Paneer

Have you ever really disliked something – almost held a grudge against it, and then been proven completely and miserably wrong? Have you ever had your assumptions and pre-held beliefs proven as a misconception? It takes a very good cook to make you fall in love with something you’ve always disliked, but with this sweetRead more

Chicken Dopiaza - Chicken Curry with lots of onion!

Chicken Dopiaza – Chicken Curry With Onions

I heartily enjoy a good dopiaza curry – in fact, a lamb dopiaza was amongst my first ‘successful’ curries I cooked after marriage! I usually cook this when I’m low on ingredients and am feeling too lazy to pop out and buy some vegetables or tomatoes. It’s definitely a handy recipe to have in mind forRead more

Shimla Mirch Ka Raita - Bell Pepper/Capsicum & Yogurt Dip

Shimla Mirch Ka Raita – Capscium/Bell Pepper & Yogurt Dip

In the current hot, sunny weather, often times a curry with its fiery spices and oil floating to the top feels heavily unappealing and even icky. But, alas, in a South-East Asian household carbohydrates are a must and you most definitely must be on a diet/sick/upset/mental if you aren’t going to have a chapatti or someRead more

Zarda - Sweet Pakistani Rice Laced With Nuts, Raisins & Cardamom

Zarda – Pakistani Sweet Rice with Nuts, Raisins & Cardamom

How beautiful does Zarda look? It is definitely, in my opinion, one of the best looking Pakistani desserts out there – it doesn’t even need much garnishing to make it look stunning! Aside from it’s gorgeous hue and it’s colourful speckling of nuts and raisins, Zarda is definitely a favourite in my house due toRead more

Aloo Gosht Shorba - Pakistani Potato and Lamb Curry - Recipe @

Aloo Gosht Shorba – Pakistani Lamb and Potato Curry

Aloo Gosht is one of those dishes you can never go wrong by serving. One of those dishes everyone happens to love. One of those dishes that just spells out C O M F O R T. If you’d ask me to name one dish to represent my childhood, well, this and a hot plateRead more

Quick & Easy 4 Ingredient Iced Black Coffee - Recipe @

Quick & Easy 4 Ingredient Iced Black Coffee

HOW HOT IS IT RIGHT NOW?! As I speak, my iPhone weather app is telling me today is 34 degrees centigrade. 34 degrees?! This is just a few degrees short of the temperature at my susraals (in-laws) in Pakistan! How unreal is this? Us Britons aren’t used to this sort of weather – oh noooooo,Read more

Quran Ayah

Round-up Of My Month: June 2015

Hello and Salam (peace) to you all! Here’s a round-up of my month including some antics in the kitchen, a few links from around the interwebs that caught my fancy and some very exciting news in my personal life…

Atta Ka Halwa - Wholewheat Flour Dessert @

Atta Ka Halwa – Wholewheat Flour Pudding

I first made this Halwa when a dear friend came over with her (extremely adorable) 2 year old nephew because I thought something mild and easy to swallow would suit him well. The reaction I got from my friend, however, was ‘You made Halwa with WHAAAAAAT?’