Ramadan 2016 – Some of My Favourite Ramadan Recipes!

How to Eat Well and Not Overdo It This Ramadan

Assalaamu alaykum (Peace be upon you)! Let me first start by saying… WOW! It has been an eon since I have come onto the blog! It’s certainly not something I am very pleased with myself about. I have really and truly missed blogging and updating the site regularly but I have just been caught withRead more

Palak Paneer – Spinach and Paneer Curry

Who here loves themselves a good bit of paneer? To tell you all the truth, I’ve not always been a fan of paneer (Check the story of the Sweet and Sour ‘Chilli’ Paneer for how I fell in love with paneer). I’d always thought it was too rubbery and tasteless, like it was missing something.Read more

Chana Pilau – Pakistani Chickpeas and Rice

Chana Pilau - Pakistani Chickpeas and Rice

Here’s another super simple and easy Pilau recipe that I love to prepare on a day when I’m just not bothered to go all out – yes I have those days! Another bonus with this particular pilau is it’s a one-pot meal and uses few spices, so we’re all winning! We always need a handfulRead more

Nargisi Kofta – Pakistani Chicken Scotch Egg Curry

Nargisi Kofta - Pakistani Chicken Scotch Egg Curry

In this recipe, I’m taking the traditional Chicken Kofta curry and making it just that extra bit fancier, by adding an egg. Not boiled to serve on the side, but I’m putting the egg inside the kofta. Doesn’t sound very fancy, but believe me, whenever I serve this everyone thinks the fancy game has beenRead more

The Clueless Pakistani Cook – My First Cookbook is Set to be Launched on the 16th of Jan!

The Clueless Pakistani Cook

Greetings everyone! EDIT: The Clueless Pakistani Cook is NOW AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE. Click here to be redirected to the purchasing page. Last week on my Instagram I posted a blurred out, dim picture and asked my followers ‘can anyone guess what I’m up to?’. Some guessed right – I’m writing and launching my very firstRead more

Mattar Pilau – Pakistani Rice with Peas

Mattar Pilau - Pakistani Rice with Peas

Peas and rice – we have here a much loved pair. Lets pair that with some soft, caramelised fried onions and aromatic cloves and cinnamon. We have here a winning combination. Mattar Pilau, rice cooked with peas and onions, have always been a favourite at my Mother’s house. My Mother would cook this to serveRead more