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Here’s a compilation of all the recipes posted on Fatima Cooks, categorised for easy navigation. If you have any requests for recipes or posts, leave me a comment or pop me an email at! x

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Starters, Sides, Soups & Salads

Pomegranate, Mint & Spinach Salad

Aloo Ki Tikki – Spicy Potato Cutlets

Kobi Di Sambharo – Gujerati Cabbage Stirfry

Iraqi Cabbage & Lamb Soup

Hot Cumin Spiced Potato Filling for Samosas, Spring Rolls, Parathas etc

Keema/Minced Lamb Filling for Samosas, Spring Rolls, Parathas etc

Authentic Indian/Pakistani Plum Chutney – Aloo Bukharay Ki Chutney

Mixed Vegetable Pakoras

Shimla Mirch Ka Raita – Capsicum/Bell Pepper & Yogurt Dip

Mains: Chicken

Chicken Pilau

Cheat’s Slow Cooker Chicken Curry

Bhuna Chicken Masala – Seared Chicken Curry

Chicken Dopiaza – Chicken Curry with Onions

Malai Chicken Karahi – Creamy Stir-fried Chicken Curry

Palak Murg – Spinach & Chicken Curry

Traditional and Authentic Pakistani Chicken Kofta Curry

Chicken Karahi Keema – Stir-fried Mince Chicken in a Ginger and Tomato Sauce

Nargisi Kofta – Scotch Egg Curry

Mains: Lamb/Beef

Pakistani Karahi Keema – Minced Lamb in a Tomato and Ginger Sauce

No Effort Bhuna Gosht Masala

Aloo Keema – Minced Lamb and Potato Curry

Cheese Stuffed CHEESY Meatballs

Aloo Gosht Shorba – Pakistani Lamb & Potato Curry

Baingan Gosht – Aubergine and Lamb Curry

Sindhi Lamb Biryani

Phali Gosht – Green Bean and Meat Curry

Karele Gosht – Bitter Gourd and Meat Curry

Aromatic Lamb Curry with Cardamom

Kabuli Pilau – Afghanistani Rice with Mutton, Raisins, Nuts and Carrots

Gosht Dopiaza – Lamb in an Onion Gravy

Mains: Vegetarian

Aloo Gajar Methi Sabzi – Potato, Carrot and Fenugreek Curry

Punjabi Cholay – Spicy Punjabi Curried Chickpeas

Simple Palak – Curried Spinach

Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry – Mixed Sabzi

Aloo Channa Shorba Salan – Soupy Potato and Chickpea Curry

Sweet & Sour ‘Chilli’ Paneer

Bhunni Maash Daal – Pakistani Style Urid Lentils

Bhindi – Pakistani Okra/Lady Fingers

Easy Bhuna Chana Masala – Chickpea Curry

Anda Bhuna – Boiled Egg Curry

Khichri / Khichdi

Mattar Pilau – Pakistani Rice with Peas

Mains: Seafood

Fish Keema – Minced Fish Curry

Prawn Pilau Biryani

Punjabi Prawn Masala Curry

Pabda Fish ‘Bhuna’ Curry

Mains: Rice

Chicken Pilau

Prawn Pilau Biryani 

Sindhi Lamb Biryani

Leftover Curry Biryani

Khichri / Khichdi

Mattar Pilau – Pakistani Rice with Peas


Kheer – Cardamom Flavoured Rice Pudding

Gajar Ka Halwa – Carrot Halwa

Besan Ke Ladoo – Sweet Gram Flour Balls

Sooji Ka Halwa – Sweet Semolina Pudding

Atta Ka Halwa – Wholewheat Flour Dessert

Zarda – Sweet Pakistani Rice with Nuts, Raisins & Cardamom

Gajar Ki Barfi – Pakistani/Indian Carrot Fudge

Nankhatai Recipe – Guest Post by Vajeea Zafar of Super Duper Yumm Cooking

Mishti Doi – Bengali Sweet Baked Yogurt – Guest Post by Abida From The Red Lychee



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