Top 10 Recipes from 2015 and a Few Words on The Year

Top 10 Recipes on FatimaCooks in 2015

Hello and Salaam everyone!

I am currently sitting on my Mother’s sofa, warm and snug in front of the TV with my husband in a warm pink blanket that’s been going strong since my Father bought it when I was 10. I just cleared up after breakfast – we had French toast, paratha, paye, and sweet yogurt with a cup of strong English tea.  My cat is curled up on the carpet not too far from my side. My husband is watching an Indian movie and I am typing away on the laptop, catching up on all the emails and messages I’ve missed over the last few days. We’ve just returned from an 18 day stay in Pakistan and Turkey – we arrived just under 24 hours ago after a beautiful and brilliant short trip away from the ‘real world’ of work and responsibilities.

Top 10 Recipes on FatimaCooks in 2015 Top 10 Recipes on FatimaCooks in 2015 Top 10 Recipes on FatimaCooks in 2015

Seated here, all cosy and snug, I’m feeling very nostalgic and incredibly grateful for all I have. I am eternally grateful for the companionship of my husband, who is here right by my side as I type. I am feeling so grateful for the 16 days I spent with his family, and just remembering the days brings my to near tears from sadness that I’m not there anymore, but at the same time it fills my with happiness knowing how great a time I actually spent with them. I am ever so thankful for my job, that I am working in a safe and healthy environment and am working with people I truly get along with. I am grateful for the roof over my head, the food in my kitchen, the bed that I sleep on, the family I laugh and cry with and the friends I rely on. 2015 was an eventful year – I graduated, I began to work, I started my blog, I visited my in laws for the first time ever – and the year is also ending on exciting and positive notes. Pause to reflect on the good things that happened in the year, friends. I am sure you will find that no matter how bad you may have thought the year went, no matter how many things went wrong, there will also have been many good things that this year brought along with it.

Top 10 Posts from 2015 on FatimaCooks
Breakfast from earlier


I’m also feeling particularly grateful and overwhelmed by the love I have gotten on my blog. I’m reading emails and comments I missed out on from my social media accounts and I am seriously feeling extremely humbled and blessed at how successful this blog has turned out, which was something that started as a procrastination from Uni work back in April 2015.

I’d like to thank all of my readers and subscribers for coming to my blog and reading my posts, trying out my recipes and leaving comments for me to read on my posts and social media accounts. I read all the comments and believe me, all of you motivate me to continue writing, posting and experimenting in the kitchen. I thought it would be a nice way to tie up the year by posting the top ten most popular recipes on Fatima Cooks for all of you and for any readers who may not have come across those recipes. I hope you try them out!


The 10 Most Popular Recipes on in 2015


10. Traditional and Authentic Chicken Kofta Curry

Traditional and Authentic Pakistani Chicken Kofta Curry


9. Minced Fish Curry / Fish Keema – my first recipe on the blog!

Fish Keema


8. Bhuna Chicken Masala – Seared Chicken Curry

Bhuna Chicken Curry - Recipe @


7. Zarda – Pakistani Sweet Rice with Nuts, Raisins and Cardamom

Zarda - Sweet Pakistani Rice Laced With Nuts, Raisins & Cardamom


6. Sindhi Lamb / Mutton Biryani

Sindhi Lamb Biryani - A Traditional Pakistani Favourite!


5. Keema / Minced Lamb Filling for Samosas, Spring Rolls, Parathas etc

Minced Lamb Filling for Samosas, Spring Rolls, Sandwiches etc - recipe @


4. Aloo Gosht Shorba 

Aloo Gosht Shorba - Pakistani Potato and Lamb Curry - Recipe @


3. Aloo Keema

Aloo Keema - Minced Lamb and Potato curry @


2. Keema Karahi – one of my most cooked recipes

Karahi Keema - my most popular recipe so far!

1. Chicken Pilau – by far my most visited recipe!

Pakistani Chicken Pilau Rice - Aromatic, comforting, delicious and flavoursome @


I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve and a fantastic year to come. Spend the evening with friends, family and your loved ones, because those are the people who truly matter the most. Here’s to a memorable and blessed year to come, inshaAllah. And here’s to many new recipes and experiments in the kitchen, too!

With love. Fatima xoxo